What we offer

The Achilles heel to most media strategies is their short-sightedness. Having a full vision that is both  broad in its planning and targeted in its execution is critical to the success of your career. A well defined advertising and organizing plan behind your music is key to achieving your goals. The Bandgage team will carefully assess your goals and priorities and help develop an annual strategy that will be a roadmap for success.

Our in-house team of creatives will work with your team to create consistent and branded content for you to post daily. The content is aligned with your annual strategy and built with each platform in mind to ensure proper format and fit.

Oftentimes the difference between strategies that work and strategies that don’t is consistency. An impacting online media strategy is a marathon, not a sprint.
At Bandgage we believe in consistency. We know that regular good content creates engagement. We know that media channels need to be managed and cultivated. Our team does this. We create, post and manage social media pages and channels that work.

Bandgage was founded to do things differently.
We’ve developed a unique strategy to engage fans. We’ve taken an old industry practice and united it to the digital age. Prior to the advent of digital media it was a common practice in the music industry to have  “band street teams.” This was a pathway for fans to become insiders. These street teams acted as local promoters and organizers that created a ground swell of excitement and interest in the music and the ethos of the group.
We’ve taken this phenomenon and wedded it to digital media by creating “digital street teams” that promote your music and engage other people who have yet to be exposed to your music.  We actively use your media channels to recruit and build a successful street team as well as provide adequate direction and content for them to post.

Merchandise creates revenue. In the music industry many people are surprised at what sources produce the most revenue. Utilizing effective merchandise can be a lucrative way of creating new streams of revenue for your project. Bandgage has an in-house team that creates and fulfills all of your merchandising needs.

One of the main goals of a marketing strategy is presence and exposure. When someone looks for you online, do they find you?
The currently reality is that social media platforms and search engines are regularly changing and tweaking the algorithms. What works online today may not work online tomorrow.
Paid search can be a beneficial way to attract new fans. Our team can create specialized ad campaigns to attract new fans as well as increase engagement from existing fans.

Email and text campaigns are foundational to fan engagement. Our team utilizes email and text to create engagement, to communicate important band updates, and drive merchandise sales.

Our team has experience connecting bands to for-purpose initiatives.
There are many benefits for bands as they look for ways to give back. These initiatives create healthy cultures within each band, they create incredible amounts of engagement with fans and have the ability to do real good in the world.
With everything, there are good organizations to partner with and not-so-good ones. We have relationships and experience to help you navigate this new world of for-purpose support.

The right endorsements help you develop other streams of revenue and continues to help establish you as a musician and band.
At Bandgage we have a network of artist relation contacts for many of the gear companies in the music industry that will help you build the right relationships.

Finding additional streams of revenue on tour can be difficult with all the logistics that go into making it work. Bandgage can assist with VIP meet and greets, as well as interactive experiences at your merchandise booth before and after the show.

Bandgage helps strategize your content and build your audience to increase engagement and revenue opportunities.